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Learn How To Play Guitar Today!

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Simple-Steve, Your Instructor.

At Beginner Guitar Online, we’ve put together one of the easiest basic guitar courses around that can have you playing guitar within a few hours or less!
Learning guitar shouldn't be a struggle. Follow these easy lessons and you will be on your way to playing your favorite guitar songs in no time.


It doesn’t matter what your favorite type of music is, or if you want to play the electric or acoustic guitar.

Your first step is to learn how to play the guitar, then you can work on improving your skills and learning your favorite songs.


With these six short lessons, you’ll learn everything needed to start you off with a good foundation. When you're ready to advance, we have the guitar players resources to help you.


The lessons are written for those that have absolutely no knowledge of guitar at all. If you happen to have some guitar playing experience, you may find that you already know some of the material covered in these lessons. Just consider those areas as a review and maybe you might learn something new as well

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