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Guitarist Resources and Recommendations

Below are some of the basic guitar playing essentials that you might need. Guitars, Amps, Effect pedals, Strings, etc.. These are products and gear that I use or would personally buy if I had the money.   I do make a small commission if you click on any of the links from my site and make a purchase. There is no additional charge for you though. This helps me keep the lessons free.  Thank you in advance if you decide to purchase any products.  

Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Here is an example of all in one type packages that you may find easy to get started with. It comes with all the essentials to get started fast. You can find many other combos at Amazon including Electric guitars. Remember, you can still get a high quality product without having to spend a lot of money when you are first getting started.

Peavey Guitar Amplifier

20 Watt Instrument Amplifier

This practice Amp has all the power you will need believe me. I have one and I can't even turn the knob past 3 without my neighbors knocking on the wall! It can make your guitar sound incredible with all the sound effects built in.

Tuner and Metronome

Tuner - Metronome - Recorder  

Plays 100 rhythm patterns. Tuner function. 
Overdrive/distortion effect for electric guitar.
Recorder allows recording and playback with Built-in speaker to immediately listen back to recorded sounds.

Trio Guitar effects pedal

Band Creator + Looper

If you're looking for something that is like playing with your own band , the trio plus is your answer. You can program it to play drums, bass, and guitar parts while you play rhythm and leads over it. Fantastic pedal.  I use mine everyday.

Monitor Speakers

Monitor Speakers

Use these affordable speakers to amplify your music from your computer, or other device, to hear backing tracks while you play. No more plugging all your add ons into your amp.

How to install new guitar strings

Most beginners should start with a lite,  or extra lite gauge string. As your fingers become stronger and more callused, you could move up to a thicker gauge if desired. A thicker gauge will produce a deeper tone that some guitarists prefer but will be harder to press and bend. You will figure out your favorite brand with a little trial and error. 

The best guitar players are the ones that can learn to play music by ear.

Now you can have an unfair advantage over the musicians who still try to learn music at full tempo.

Sometimes, a piece of music can be really challenging to learn, because the tempo is just too fast to hear what the musician is doing. You can try to find the guitar tab or an instructional video, but they’re not always very accurate.

The Riffmaster Pro, music slow down software  can help you to learn new songs and master difficult phrases, faster and more accurate than ever before. It slows down the music, keeps the normal pitch, and loops any section of the song so that you can nail that solo note for note.

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Each track has one version without the guitar in the mix, so you can play your guitar along with it. Some songs have the chords or Tab included.

AC DC Back in Black , Another Brick The Wall Part 2 - Pink Floyd , Apache -The Shadows, Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne,  Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash, La Bamba, Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne, Walk Don't Run - The Ventures, What I like about You - The Romantics, Wipe out - The Surfaris,  and more.