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Lesson 1
Parts of the Guitar.

Find diagrams for viewing and printout on the resource page.

Guitar neck diagram

Strings and the Fingerboard

Guitar Parts Diagram
The typical guitar has 6 strings. Each string has a name and a number. The top string closest to you when holding the guitar is the 6th string. It is the fattest and has the lowest pitch. Each string has a higher pitch as we go down. The bottom string is the 1st string and the skinniest with the highest pitch. Pitch is how high or low a note sounds. 

Frets on a guitar.


Frets are strips of metal which are embedded along a guitar's fretboard. By pressing on a string behind a fret, the pitch of that string changes.

Each fret is spaced on the fingerboard in what we call half steps or a semitone. Each fret is one half step away from another. When you press on a fret it raises the pitch of the note by one half step as you go up the neck.  

Guitar neck picture

Position Markers

Located on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th and 21st frets. These round or rectangle and sometimes decorate shapes on the finger board act as guides to fret number location or position.

When learning a piece of music this will help you to position your fingers at any fret location much faster than counting up the finger board.

After the 12th fret (with double dots), the fret board starts all over again and the markers continue as from the first fret. For example, if you press down on any string at the 12th fret, you will have the same note as the note on the open string if you did not press on any fret. The note name is the same but the sound is 12 semi tone pitches higher.

How to hold a guitar.

How to hold the Guitar correctly for playing.

Two basic ways of holding the guitar.

Over the right knee (most popular).

How to hold a guitar.

Over the Left knee

This is how many classical guitarists prefer to hold the guitar. This also puts the guitar in a position similar to as if you were standing up using a strap to hold the guitar up for you.

Use whatever is most comfortable for you. Make sure to keep the guitar close to your body and don't let it slide down

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