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Discover an Easier Way to Learn Difficult Guitar Riffs, Rhythms and Solos!

Riffmaster-pro-Music slow down app


As a thank you for purchasing the Riffmaster Pro through my link, I will send you some Free guitar backing tracks. Just come back to this page after you purchase the riffmaster, and send me your info through the form on this page, and I will send it right out to you.

Each track has one version without the guitar in the mix, so you can play your guitar along with it. Some songs have the chords or Tab included.

AC DC Back in Black
Another Brick The Wall Part 2 - Pink Floyd
Apache -The Shadows
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
La Bamba
Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
Walk Don't Run - The Ventures
What I like about You - The Romantics
Wipe out - The Surfaris

Other Tracks for learning or playing along with.
Pride and Joy
Oye Como Va
Hit me with your best shot


Sometimes, a piece of music can be really challenging to learn, because the tempo is just too fast to hear what the musician is doing. You can try to find the guitar tab or an instructional video, but they’re not always very accurate.

Let me introduce you to an easier method. The Riffmaster Pro, music slow down software! It can help you to learn new songs and master difficult phrases, faster and more accurate than ever before. It slows down the music, keeps the normal pitch, and loops any section of the song so that you can nail that solo note for note.

The best guitar players are the ones that can learn to play music by ear. Now you can have an unfair advantage over the musicians who still try to learn music at full tempo.

So when the guitar tab and instructional videos are not accurate enough, slow it down with the Riffmaster, and hear what's really going on.

Riffmaster Pro
Slows down the music.
Keeps the normal pitch of the song.
Loops any section. No frustrating rewinding and restarting.
Develop accuracy by starting slow and building up speed.
Develop your ear training.
Download the Riffmaster Pro now. Click Here!

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