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The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar – Solid Top Under $150!

Today I found the absolute cheapest acoustic guitar with a solid top that I have ever seen! Check it out!

Ranch Acoustic Guitars

Ranch Guitars is a company that specializes in making ukeleles, but they have a line of acoustic cutaway guitars with a solid spruce top, sapele mahogany sides and back, and okoume fretboard.

Coming in at over $50 less than the solid-top guitars under $200 that I previously reviewed, these guitars sound almost too good to be true. I’m hoping to get my hands on one soon so that I can give it a more detailed review.

However, at this price I wanted to at least make you aware that these guitars are available. Although there are very few reviews available online, most of the ones I found were positive.

Below is a review of the Ranch RH-2 Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar. If you’re looking for something smaller than a dreadnought, the Ranch RH-01 or the Emperial Acoustic would be better choices.
Lance Allen reviewing the Ranch RH-2 Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar on YouTube

The general consensus of other reviews that I’ve read seems to be that this is a decent beginner guitar with a nice sound, once you replace the strings with a set of D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Light strings. Allegedly the strings that come with the guitar sound horrible, although I’m not sure if Lance Allen replaced his strings before doing his video review.

D’Addario strings are very popular with acoustic guitarists for their warm, bright and balanced tone.

One reviewer of a discontinued Ranch acoustic-electric guitar from three years ago mentioned that he had to “do some fret work” on the guitar to make it more playable, so your mileage may vary with how well the guitar is set up from the factory.

Each Ranch Guitar comes with a lined gig bag, capo, digital clip-on tuner, an extra set of strings (but you will want different strings anyhow), a polishing cloth and guitar picks. With free shipping, the package currently costs only $139.95 plus tax!

Is It Worth a Try?

While I’m not ready to fully endorse this guitar without either trying it myself or finding some more video reviews, if the $200 price range of the previous guitars I reviewed is still out of reach for you, I would rather see you give the Ranch Guitar a try than to end up with a laminate-top guitar for the same price or higher.

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Happy guitar shopping!

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