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Maybe your kid has tried some of the free guitar lessons available online, or even a paid subscription, and things just aren’t clicking. Did you know that there are many guitar teachers who offer live online guitar lessons for kids and teens?

Today I want to highlight one of the many great resources for live online guitar lessons, and tell you about a teacher called “Mr. Bert” who made an impression on my own son and me.


Outschool is an online learning platform for kids up to age 18 that offers live classes in over 100 topics, including group guitar classes and individual guitar lessons with dozens of highly-qualified guitar teachers.

Outschool requires a criminal background check for all teachers, and students only use their first names in group classes to protect their privacy.

My Experience With Outschool

My son has taken several classes on Outschool this semester and has had a great experience! The teachers are knowledgeable, qualified, and have a great rapport with the kids.

Sadly I have not been able to convince my son to take guitar lessons. He’s more of a drum kind of guy.

My son playing drums
My son playing drums

However, he took an electronic music class with Mr. Bert and learned so much in just one session! Mr. Bert was very patient and helped my son to learn intuitively through guided sound exploration rather than just giving dry instructions on what to do.

I was so impressed with Mr. Bert’s teaching style that when I learned he also teaches online guitar lessons, I reached out to him for permission to feature him on my blog.

Mr. Bert from Outschool

Mr Bert from Outschool
Mr. Bert from Outschool

Mr. Bert, more formally known as Alberto Beltran, offers individual guitar lessons on Outschool for kids ages 10-15. Beltran has several years of individual and public school classroom teaching experience, primarily with middle school students. Although he misses teaching in a physical classroom, teaching online has given him more freedom to travel while continuing to do what he loves!

Beltran believes that young students learn best through “play”. He seeks to get to know each student’s individual “play” style and adapts lessons to maintain that atmosphere for the student.

In addition to individual guitar lessons, Beltran offers group collaborative songwriting classes called Join the Band: A Collaborative Space for Future Songwriters and Music Producers for kids ages 11-13, 14-16, and 16-18, a course where students get to write and record music together online.

As Beltran describes it:

I let band-members take the reins and help them make decisions on how to run things. Often times I will guide them towards conversations about how to show respect for each other’s creative perspectives and input. I make a big effort to guide their conversations without letting them know I’m really that involved in their future discovery. If they figure it out themselves, they are more likely to remember it.

I am having so much fun with all of my classes and I can’t wait to keep meeting more brilliant young people!

Alberto Beltran, aka “Mr. Bert” from Outschool

Outschool Pricing

Prices for Outschool’s classes and individual music lessons are determined by each teacher and vary a bit, but are very reasonable. Group classes are generally priced lower than individual lessons.

Parents who register their kids for classes or individual lessons on Outschool using this link will receive a $20 credit toward your first class or lesson.

Teachers who would like to apply for a position at Outschool can register using this link.

More Resources are On the Way!

If you have taken a look at Outschool and for whatever reason it isn’t the best fit for you, I am hard at work reviewing other resources for live online guitar lessons for beginners of all ages.

In my next post I will feature the best classical guitarist and guitar teacher I have ever met, who happens to own a local music store that offers online lessons for guitarists of all ages and skill levels!

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